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A recent report from the Bank of England has made it into the press suggesting figures for the number of UK homeowners in a negative equity situation.

The report used information from a 2008 survey of just 1000 people and may therefore be misleading.

To take part in this totally anonymous survey simply select the answer that reflects your personal Loan to Value and I will compile more recent data to try and evidence the real situation.

Feel free to email this to as many people as possible.

If you don’t know your Loan to Value use this calculator first: Loan to Value Calculator

Then enter your answer below (it’s just one answer, one click and your done!):


What is your Loan to Value (LTV)?
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This survey was actually started 0n the 27th of June 2009 using a template that was made in June 2008. This IS a recent survey!



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  1. Johnny5thumbs

    What about all the homeowners with taile-ender mortgages of less than 50%? Your survey only starts at 50%, grossly skewing the final result.

  2. Good point well made Johnny5thumbs. Although the intention was to gauge the likely number of people facing negative equity in coming years and the ranges reflected the people most at risk.

    People below 50% are (hopefully) quite safe whereas people over 100% are already unfortunately there.

    However, for a fuller picture I’ve added more but for some reason they aren’t displaying in a logical order! Technology! Tsk!