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How to completely undermine the nation’s confidence and respect in parliament with one fowl swoop….

“MPs passed a controversial measure on Friday exempting themselves from a law that gives the public access to official information.”

Personally I have no faith, confidence or respect for parliament and I suspect there are millions of Britons that have felt the same way for a long time.

So many people just don’t vote because they don’t think it will make any difference to the way the country is run.

The general feeling is that government will do whatever it wants despite the feelings or needs of the people.

And now this. They have chosen to keep their spending a secret.

They have chosen to exempt themselves from the freedom of information act.

“Critics called the move a ‘squalid’ bid to shroud parliamentary expenses and allowances in secrecy.”

They can find out anything they want to about us, but we can no longer find out anything about them.

“Under the bill, MPs will also be exempt from disclosing their correspondence to public bodies including councils, hospitals and police forces.”

For a body of people that so many of us don’t trust anyway, this is doing nothing to improve things and only serves to make the problem much, much worse.

Do you:

A) Agree with the move.

B) Disagree and think it should be reversed immediately.

C) Don’t care.



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