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A little while ago Aviva launched a series of life insurance ads on TV to try and raise awareness and so they should because apparently the UK population is grossly under-insured.

Having been in the industry for but a few short years these were the first TV ads I’d seen for life insurance.

It turns out (and it’s not a major revelation if you think about it) TV ads for life insurance have been around in other parts of the world for quite some time and while searching the interweb for ideas and information I came across one from late 2010.

The Aviva ads tried to address the issue with a direct but emotive message.

This one however, used humour! Enjoy…!

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  1. Hi funny video.I am still involved in the industry and if any of the readers on here are or have been in the past,they might remember the “The Widows Story” video from many years ago? This video was banned as far as I am aware from the general public,however new recruits to the life insurance industry used to be shown “The Widows Story” to fire them up and go sell life insurance.I think the regulators banned it as it was deemed too scary for the general public,but it did not half bring home the reality of dying without adequate life insurance.