Date:11 May 2009 I Comments: 1 I Views:57,330

What is the point of calling a freephone number if it isn’t free?

0800 numbers have forever and ever been known as freephone numbers that are as the name suggests, free to call.

Unless you call them from your mobile.

However, all is not lost! That clever fellow over at ‘’ has done it again!

There is a way to phone 0800 numbers from your mobile for free!

This post is full of exclamation marks! But this is really good stuff and can save anyone who needs to phone an 0800 number from their mobile money.

And it’s times like these which really help to galvanise the people against money grabbing companies.

So, how to get free calls to 0800 numbers from your mobile…..

Well, because it’s been very well put by A. N. Other on the interweb I will just go ahead and give you the link to go and find out how you too can get:

Free calls to 0800 numbers from your mobile!

I’ve added the number to my address book (you’ll understand when you read the info on the link above) but I haven’t yet had the need to call an 0800 number from my mobile so if you do try it and it does work, please leave a comment and tell me and all the other readers if it was easy and how well it worked!

Now to find a way to get good value 0845 calls from a mobile! Any ideas…?