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From the 1st of July, BT introduced a discount for customers paying by direct debit or Monthly Payment Plan.

This discount will run for 18 months from the 1st of July to December 2008.

Exclusions include BT Mobile, BT Business Total Broadband and OneBillPlus customers.

But how much is it? What’s the discount?

It is, an amazing, £0.50 a month.


OK, so over 18 months it does stack up to quite a hefty £9….

So that’s the carrot but… NOT paying by direct debit will now be subject to a fee!!

Of £1.50 per month!!

Their recent circular explaining all this used plain English that did everything it could to make this sound like a positive step. Even to the point of justifying the move by saying, ‘Many telecom companies already do this, and in some cases their fee is higher’.

I bet in some cases the fee is also lower….

Having always used BT by default, I have never heard of a fee being charged for choosing not to pay by direct debit. Is this the case?

The letter even says that paying by direct debit can ‘save’ your business £24/year or more!

The way I read it was, if I don’t pay by direct debit, it will now ‘cost’ my business an additional £24 or more.

Although there is a silver lining.

In association with the Woodland Trust, BT will plant a tree on behalf of each of the first 10,000 customers changing to Direct Debit.

That’s got to be worthy of consideration…..

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