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This is one of those ‘quick update’ posts. I haven’t written anything for a few weeks and I thought I ought to write something but I haven’t found the time (and perhaps the focus) to write anything meaty about one particular subject.

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that plenty has been going on in the world.

America’s recovery is slowing down, vehicle recovery firms in the UK are deathly quiet because people just aren’t out on the roads thanks to fuel costs and high inflation (has anyone else noticed it seems much quiter on the roads? – and still the global carbon emissions hit record levels!).

Financial institutions have set aside billions to pay back mis-sold PPI premiums (nice).

Some industries are doing OK. Bet Fred bought The Tote for £265M today. 

Oh, and cucumbers have made Russia ban EU vegetables.

But I still haven’t made time to get my teeth into something for a while.

It all started when I went to Istanbul to see the Grand Prix. While I was their a friend had £3500 worth of dental work done for about £1500 (with a few fillings thrown in).  He had a holiday and a couple of bridges for the less than the cost of the work here. Are we being over-charged?

After just one week away I came back to find a few emails in my inbox and word that about half a dozen new clients had been taken on by the little bookkeeping company I inherited.

It certainly looks like it could well be a recession proof industry. New enquiries keep coming in!

But it’s a bit antiquated and could do with modernisation to improve efficiency.

So my thinking is to introduce a new computer system to replace the old (but very complex) XL spreadsheets and after a bit of searching I came across VT Software and I have to say it’s really easy to get up and running with and what’s even better is they have a free offering (Cash Book) that would suit most self employed people and can produce a Profit & Loss account.

So, a holiday, a new computer system to investigate, a member of staff who’s off for an operation for 2 – 3 months who needs replacing, the hiring of a replacement. It all adds up.

Not to mention the fact that one of my other websites keep generating leads for me in my self employed capacity.

I could be fooled into thinking there’s an economic recovery going on but experience tells me it’s best to err on the side of caution for a bit longer. The base rate is still 0.5% and that wont go up until people are able to afford it.

Thankfully though Northern Rock recently lowered some of their fixed rate mortgages by 0.5%  so let’s hope that’s the shape of things to come and the banks have finally recovered their losses (by putting a big mark-up on the interest rate of money they lend compared to the money they borrow – that might be worth writing about….Hmmmm).

Did I mention the wedding? No?

I’m due to be the best man so I’ve had to arrange a stag do, attend a stag do, recover from a stag do, write a speech, get fitted for a suit, plan ways to sabotage the bridal suite. The list goes on!

Oh, quick tip, if you go to HobbyCraft for wedding bits (confetti, place holders, ribbon etc.) don’t buy their ‘Car Ribbon’ for about £16, go to their ribbon section and buy the normal wide ribbon for £3 (it’s a longer roll too!).

Wedding’s tomorrow.

So much to do, so little time….

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  1. The PPI is an interesting conundrum! Already we’ve seen hundreds of companies come out the woodwork to offer this service. 99% of people can do it themselves and save the commission another company would charge.

    All the best with the wedding!