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I had a call from a company recently because my Sky TV 12 month warranty was due for renewal.

The call wasn’t from Sky but a 3rd party company offering ‘repair or replace’ cover for the Sky equipment.

I listened to the call and absorbed the information and by the end of the call I was happy to proceed with a policy on the basis that:

1/ I knew the company wasn’t Sky but a 3rd party warranty provider.

Take a look at most buildings & contents policies or car insurance policies with legal cover. The legal cover is generally provided by a 3rd party so this kind of thing is not uncommon.

I keep getting offers to extend my fridge warranty but it’s not Zanussi offering the cover it’s Domestic & General.

2/ The price seemed reasonable (£5.99 per month) based on the information provided about Sky call out charges and replacement equipment.

Call out over £60 and new box as much as £150 so if the box dies in the first 3 years the cover has paid for itself.

3/ The cover doesn’t start until August and I have a 28 day cooling of period when it does so I have plenty of time to find out about it!

I have since researched the web and I called the company directly for a bit of info.

Digital Services (UK) Ltd is the company and they have actually been in business for many years. The customer services representative I spoke to was very helpful and provided me with background on the company and was able to answer questions about the service knowledgeably and without having to ‘ask a supervisor’ or ‘put me on hold while they looked into it’

I searched the internet and on ‘’ there is quite a detrimental page about Digital Services UK Ltd.

It claims they are a scam and only one company is authorised to maintain Sky equipment and using any other company to service the equipment would void the warranty.

So, what about when the warranty ends after 12 months?

It’s a free for all.

Any company can offer warranties for anything.

It’s only a scam when they don’t deliver on their promises or agreements.

I called Sky and they told me they only ‘endorse and recommend’ one company to cover their equipment and that cover was available directly through Sky. So from a business point of view of course that’s the only one they’re going to endorse and recommend! They probably make some money in the process! Business is business.

Sky offer ‘SkyProtect’ which is provided by Domestic & General who are a 3rd party warranty provider. In fact, they are the company who keep writing to me about my fridge cover.

I don’t feel as though I’ve been duped or misled and perhaps it could have been more clearly stated that they weren’t Sky when they called, because that seems to confuse people, but beyond that I’m quite happy to give them a go.

The Sky equipment warranty market is a growing one and a competitive one and I’m quite happy to talk to a provider who can protect the equipment after the Sky warranty expires. As far as I know there’s a hard drive in the box and those things don’t last forever!

If you are faced with the dilemma of whether or not you need to have this kind of cover or if you are unsure about the company selling it to you, give them a call on their customer services number. If the service is good and you are happy you will receive a good service then you might think it’s worthwhile.

If you speak to a company and you don’t like the way you are treated or you are unhappy with anything then you have to decide if you want to buy or keep what you have bought.

There should be a ‘cooling off period’ with any insurance contract in which you can cancel without paying for the cover (but the FSA does allow companies to charge an ‘admin’ fee for cancelling so check first).

I thought I’d write this article just to clear up any concerns people might have about 3rd party companies calling them to offer an extended warranty.

I’m not endorsing any company because I have yet to experience the benefits of the cover I have agreed to but one thing I do know is it costs £2.09 less per month than Skyprotect.


  1. David Thomas

    Thanks very much for this post. I am in exactly the same situation and this company digital services call me every other day!!

  2. James

    Thanks for the post, glad to someone who looks at both sides first, rather then just slating off one.

  3. lyndsey

    That is really good to know!! i actually work for Digital Services Uk LTD and i am glad someone appreciates our service…we do try and keep our customers as happy as possible, and i think we offer a very competitive cover and service on sky equipment…we have been slated in the past but only for the fact that SO many companies have such similar names…we found it very hard to get business at one point because of digital sattelite in liverpool…who now work under about 4 different names…we have recently been bought into by a very large and well known company…as they think we work well and they can benefit from the way we work and treat our customersx

  4. Mills

    Very true, I had a similar experience when Sky protect tried to offer me cover and claimed that they were actually Sky, I rang Sky who confirmed this, but when I researched further it tranpired that they are not at all, another phone call to Sky asking specifically and it turns out that they only say they are AUTHORISED by Sky, they’re nothing to do with them! The only difference between them and everyone else is that they pay to use the Sky logo which is why they are more expensive! I’ve done my own research and so far I’ve found Satellite Repair Services to be the cheapest one offering total cover, I’ve now signed up with them and have everything in writing confirming that if ANYTHING goes wrong with my Sky equipment it will be sorted at no cost within 48 hours! Result!

  5. Elliot

    @ Mills, Sky in fact pay Domestic & General to provide the protection on their behalf and this is the BIG difference between D&G and other warranty providers.

  6. Tom Webb

    I have just used Digital Services for the 3rd time for my out of warrenty system, this time for the Sky + box.
    I was under the impression that I was covered for Multi Room, but it transpired that I wasn’t, which was probably correct by the price of the cover. After a few minutes of ‘argument’ with them over the lack of cover, they agreed that if I upped my cover they would do the repair retrospectively. Their engineer was here within 48 hours, job done.
    I have nothing but praise for this company, a very rare commodity nowadays.

  7. gladys

    i was misslead by digital services my bank had informed me that i was not the only one with this problem i thounght i was getting this cover though sky but they have no dealings with that company and i cancelled my direct debit but i still get a letter saying they have teamed up with london and general insurance when i phoned them about this cover the girl was rude and i said this cover should be covered by a insurance but she said that was not needed but today i get this letter well i am with sky now they should not say they are with sky by the way i am a pensioner and on the letter they have my name wrong so it proves they do not listen to what u have to say