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Sheila’s Wheels is proving to be a very popular and strong brand thanks to their successful advertising campaigns. There is now even a ‘fan’ site where enthusiasts can go to find out more about the girls, the pink Cadillac, download the song or get a copy of the lyrics and sing along!

Sheilas’ Wheels has also recently launched its ‘Make Me A Sheila Star’ campaign find women in their 20’s to 70’s to guest star in their new TV ad, alongside the three lead Sheilas. Entry is now closed and over 6,000 women submitted their photo for consideration.

Sheilas Wheels have set up a gallery for viewing the photos submitted by over 1,000 of the entrants.

According to a report released by Sheila’s Wheels about 10 million women in the UK crave stardom and long to live the life of their celebrity idols. Nearly 50% of these women believe appearing in a TV ad could be their best chance at becoming famous.

Sheilas Wheels is an insurance company dedicated to providing competitive insurance cover for women. They have successfully generated a good ‘feeling’ with their advertising that strikes a chord with thousands of women across the UK.

Impressive figures and news on Sheilas reflects this success:

‘A year after launch, Sheilas’ Wheels has already established itself as one of the leading products for women. The car insurer is currently taking on new customers at a rate of over 2,000 a week beating its own growth targets for this stage by 60%. It has achieved well over 100,000 policies in its first year and aims to more than double its market share in the next year.’

And here are the lyrics to the Sheilas Wheels song:

For ladies who insure their cars
Sheilas’ Wheels are superstars
Girls are bored beyond endurance
Payin’ too much for car insurance
For bonzer car insurance deals
Girls, get on to Sheilas’ Wheels
The women at the wheel
Deserve a fairer deal
For bonzer car insurance deals
Girls get on to Sheilas’ Wheels
Women make the safest drivers
We could save a bunch of fivers
For bonzer car insurance deals
Girls, get on to Sheilas’ Wheels,
Girls, get on to Sheilas’ Wheels

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  1. I see it more as a way of helping people, that may have miss-typed, still find what they’re looking for quickly…

    Not to mention the fact that it is a widely used practice.

    Some say search engines don’t like bad spelling, others say a website should be designed for real people and people aren’t perfect.

    As for exacerbating the problem and encouraging bad spelling I have made it clear that that I’ve highlighted the incorrect spelling as opposed to hiding them in the keywords, alt tags, descriptions, comments, hidden text, css divs etc…


  2. I got that but I thought I’d explain for the benefit of other readers!

    Does read a little defensively but I was actually going for succinct..