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Reclaiming Bank Charges by Phone | Personal Finance Blog - UKMoneyPot.co.uk

Date:25 January 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:7,297

I originally intended to send to my bank a copy of the letter on my previous post, the letter for reclaiming bank charges.

I reviewed my recent statements, totaled up the charges I felt were unlawful based on information I found at thisismoney. I also noted the dates on which these charges occurred.

I then realised I didn’t know the correct address to send the letter so I called my bank to ask them. While I was on the phone I asked the assistant if he could help me with the claim or if I had to send the letter. I also asked what my overdraft protection fee was protecting me against.

Within moments I was speaking to a customer services manager and it turns out the overdraft protection fee is not required so I was immediately offered a refund of 12 months payments. £48. As I had to date had no use for the service it provided (in event of illness or redundancy my overdraft would be repaid), I accepted the refund.

I then mentioned the unlawful fees of which there were 3 and I was also immediately offered a refund for 2 of them. OK so it’s not the full whack but I’m not greedy and to be fair that covers the cost of the letter, the envelope, ink and postage and the time of the nice lady I spoke to, plus a small tip.

I was fortunate that my fees were small by comparison to some of the horror stories I’ve heard and also very infrequent. The three I’ve mentioned all happened in the space of 5 days over Xmas when I was guilty of forgetfulness and frankly not interested in banking!

If you’re going to attempt to reclaim your charges over the phone the most important 3 things are:

1. Know the facts. Find out all you can so you know your rights and where you stand. 

2. Be prepared – have all the details of all the charges you feel are unlawful to hand.

3. Be nice. – You’re talking to a person at work not ‘the bank’. I get the impression the banks are geared up to handle more of these claims and at the moment the law is on your side SO THERE’S NO NEED TO SHOUT!

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