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I am personally involved in helping people find life insurance. Mostly for people with a medical condition or high risk occupation. Regardless of the different circumstances of the individual, the things that people protect are always the same and the top two priorities are family & mortgage. Mortgages are quite simple to protect. If the mortgage is ‘Interest Only’ (the debt stays the same) then the most suitable cover is likely to be ‘level’ term insurance which also stays the same. If a mortgage is ‘repayment’ which means it goes down over time then the FSA favours ‘decreasing’ cover which more >

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Equity release; a term met with instant distaste and fear, however this out-dated approach could may well be having an impact on how people view their financial options during their retirement years with many having little knowledge and understanding of how it truly works and what rules have now been put in place to regulate the industry. Equity release could be a way to alleviate the stresses for many retirees who are struggling on low pension plans and reduced state benefits, coupled with the rising costs of day to day living. If you’re wondering about equity release and a little more >

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I found it quite bizarre when in my inbox dropped an email with a limited 7 day offer on some mortgage rates from Abbey. It’s the kind of marketing I’d expect from a closing down furniture shop! A 7 day only offer on a mortgage product?! Is this the shape of things to come? Now what could the reason be for such a limited time offer…? Are Abbey a bit worried they’ll get mobbed with applications and struggle to handle the enquiries if they open the offer up for longer? Or do they only have access to a limited amount more >

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This is one of those ‘quick update’ posts. I haven’t written anything for a few weeks and I thought I ought to write something but I haven’t found the time (and perhaps the focus) to write anything meaty about one particular subject. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that plenty has been going on in the world. America’s recovery is slowing down, vehicle recovery firms in the UK are deathly quiet because people just aren’t out on the roads thanks to fuel costs and high inflation (has anyone else noticed it seems much quiter on the roads? – and more >

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Article provided by Debt Support Trust – A registered charity. The economic recovery in the UK is slow and painful. People and businesses have been feeling the strain for almost three years now and it doesn’t show any sign of easing up.  As inflation between March and April continue to rise, the increased cost of living in the UK will mean that more people will be closer to the breadline than ever before. The recent rise in inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from 4% to 4.5% was a result of the increased cost of transport, alcohol, tobacco more >

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Secured loans in the UK ended up with a pretty bad reputation after all the financial fuss of ’07 kicked off. There is no doubt the secured loan lending practices of the past were just as bad as some of the crazy mortgage offers around at the time with up to 125% of the value of your home being available to borrow. Much like the banks, when the easy money stopped flowing and the industry started to collapse the secured loan companies couldn’t get funding and many of them turned to dust. By 2009 14 lenders had left the market leaving more >

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Lucy: ‘Oh I’d love to be your trustee. It would be an honour. What time shall I come over?’ Sarah: ‘Well Catherine and Sally are getting here for about 2.30 and don’t forget to bring cake!’ 2.30 arrives, pleasantries are dispensed and the ladies sit down to talk shop: Sarah: ‘OK, so Simon and I are in the process of getting our life insurance up to date since we took out a bigger mortgage for the extension and our adviser has talked to us about putting the policy in ‘trust’ Catherine: ‘Is that like setting up a trust fund for more >

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A recent report launched by Friends Life finds that the combination of the recession and spending cuts has brought about profound changes in the way in which generations within families support each other. This information comes to the fore as 44 tax and benefits changes are introduced which could wipe billions off household incomes over the next year. Rather than finding the traditional “sandwich generation” model, the ‘The Coping Classes’ report finds middle income households increasingly relying on their retired parents for financial support, while remaining more committed than wealthier or less well off households to helping their children financially. Key findings: more >

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In a nutshell risk based pricing is the reason why people with a poor credit score pay higher interest rates for credit. It is standard practice to charge a higher rate of interest to a customer who is considered ‘higher risk’. The price is based on the perceived risk involved in lending money to someone who might not have a very good track record with credit. I’m struggling to come up with a really good argument for why this is a good idea… People with either a history of badly managed credit or with no provable track record of managing credit could quite more >

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By looking at 3 aggregated news stories on Google from this day in history the picture appears to reveal a pretty bleak outlook for times ahead and not just for UK consumers but for industry too. Public sector job losses may not be offset by growth in the private sector as the Government is hoping and despite talk that investment in industry is the way to plough Britain out of the quagmire, industry will still struggle with rising costs in the same way as consumers. Story 1. Cash Strapped Companies Risk Insolvency ‘HM Revenues and Customs (HMRC) has revealed that growing more >