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An elderly couple received a bill over 5 years ago which was £1250 more than their average quarterly bill. It turns out British Gas were charging them for energy used by a nearby stately home! After 5 years of trying to sort things out British Gas admitted the mistake and gave the couple a measly £20 for the inconvenience. I wander how much fun British Gas then had trying to get the owners of the stately home to pay for the energy they’d used 5 years ago! more >

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An article in one of the weekend broadsheets has exposed 8 of the countries top 10 that have given both savers and borrowers the worst deal over the past three years. They have beed described as having ‘cynically manipulated interest-rate rises over the past three years to net millions of pounds in excess profit at the expense of saver and borrowers. Out of the top 10 in no particular order the following banks were referred to as ‘the bad guys’: HSBC, A&L, Northern Rock, Barclays, Halifax, Lloyds TSB, Abbey and NatWest. The ‘good guys’ were Nationwide and Brittania. The survey was more >

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I’ve found some useful calculators to the site which are very straightforward and simple to use. I’ve used the BBC mortgage calculator a few times and recommended it to friends in the past so I thought I’d link to it on here for anyone to find. The credit card calculator gives you details of how much interest you will pay on a balance and how long it will take depending on how much you pay off every month. All the calculators are listed on the right of the page. more >

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I would never have noticed from the previous location of my desk, something that now never fails to make me smile. Every day between 4.30 and 5pm, a girl I have never met marches by my office with her headphones on, singing at the top her voice! I can hear her coming before I can see her and I can hear her trail off as she gets further away. Yesterday it was ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ the day before, Kylie Minogue’s ‘Locomotion’. It’s quite a novelty to see this slip of a girl marching by with unwavering determination, belting out more >

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Some months ago when I first discovered the virtues of article writing I wrote about the need for a secured debt consolidation loan. Just a simple break down of why a secured loan may be an advantage under certain circumstances. More and more lately I am finding it in use by other webmasters and all that I have seen have been good enough to keep all the links intact too! The article itself is here: Do you need a Debt Consolidation Loan So thanks to anyone using it and I hope it helps! more >

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Having conducted a preliminary search for UK finance blogs I can conclude that the results have not proven very fruitfull. Yes there are a few UK loan blogs and well, that’s about it! Most of the blogs don’t seem to have adopted the ‘community’ based interaction with other bloggers and I barely noticed a blogroll on any of the ones I found. Nearly all of them are marketing exercises aimed at gaining further exposure to their core website and to a point, mine is too but I was hoping for more of a ‘communal’ spirit about the whole business. I’ve listed a more >

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Gordon brown has recently been seen to urge people to vote for Shilpa Shetty over Jade Goody in the coming Big Brother eviction. He’s been quoted as saying it would ‘support British tolerance’ Tolerance? Surely he means ‘acceptance’? Is he suggesting we ‘tolerate’ different ethnic groups? Who writes this stuff! more >

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I just practiced what I preached and moved 100 lines of navigation and menu code underneath the content of my main site. All the navigation still displays above the main text but the code is now much further down the page, making it easier for the SE’s to get to the meat! I should have done that months ago….! Ah well. more >

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I recently read an article on SEO about how search engines love words (content is king etc.) and how important it is to build a website with as little distance between the all important head tags and the rest of the keyword rich content. I concur, making the relevant content of your site easy for the SE’s to find is very important so I thought I’d have a nose at the site from whence this article originated and see if I could learn anything. I found a website heavily reliant on tables for layout with no less than 178 lines more >

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For many years the credit card balance transfer wars have been raging with offers getting longer and longer. This has seen the introduction of the ‘Balance trasnfer fee’ which is a charge made by a credit card company when you transfer a balance to them. Usually you wouldn’t do this unless there were other benefits and in most cases this would be to take advantage of a lengthy 0% balance transfer period. Virgin have recently increased their balance transfer offer from 12 to 13 months which is currently the longest offer on the market. In line with the extension of more >