Date:17 July 2007 I Comments: 1 I Views:8,923

Thanks to the way my local yellow pages organises the adverts on the first page of the loans section they have space to feature the first few standard text listings and I made the No.1 spot!

If you look at the loan section of any yellow pages you will see ALL of the boxed or larger adverts contain a string of ‘A’s.

If you see a Firstplus advert covering half the page, right at the bottom of the ad, sure enough you will see ‘AAAAAA FIRSTPLUS FINANCE’.

I was told in the past by Yellow Pages how this makes the order in which the ads appear fair and without favouritism but I can’t remember how it works!

Nonetheless there are companies advertising on the first page with big colourful adverts which must have cost thousands.

Ocean Finance has even got a full two sided thick glossy page full of their information. For some reason though this page appears between the ‘Golf Clubs’ and ‘Government Offices’ sections!

But there I am, number 1, the first text listing on the loans page. Which also explains the calls I’ve had in the last couple of days!


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  1. To be honest, the whole AAAAA thing seems ridiculous to me, as surely next time another company just needs to add another A to be the first? Or is it just for the consumer to think they’re alphabetical when really it’s based on how much the company is paying to be there? If so, the Yellow Pages should just come clean.

    Good luck with all of those leads!