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A recent report by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) claims we only have 5 years before the planet could suffer a climate catastrophe.

According to the WWF we have until 2012 to make a difference and it is possible for us as a race to achieve some sort of balance and prevent…. well, what exactly?

What will happen in 5 years? Floods? Storms? Intense heats and larger deserts? Dry water reservoirs?

Will we go beyond a ‘point of no return’ and spiral into an apocalyptic nightmare?

And what exactly can WE do? We are told to recycle but I know for a FACT, that my local council can’t process a lot of the stuff that IS recyclable so it just goes in a whole in the ground anyway!

The Yellow Pages cannot be recycled!! It’s true! The dye requires so much processing the resulting pulp is no good.

I have friends who are dispondent about recycling and don’t bother because frankly ‘what’s the point’ and in some ways I understand why they feel that way about it.

All I recycle is paper, plastic bottles, glass and tins because I don’t want to risk putting something in my recyclables that might see the whole lot go to landfill.

Councils don’t have enough money to transport the waste to plants capable of processing certain types of rubbish and I’ve heard (but need to check) there is only 1 polystyrene processing plant in the UK!

Using less electricity and buying cars that either use bio-fuels, are electric or extremely economical is another way we can help do our bit.

But there’s another theory floating around about 2012.

Anyone interested in Aztec cultures or the Mayan Indians of South America may have heard about this but the Mayan Calendar actually ENDS in 2012….

Apparently there will be a planetary alignment, the Earth will pass through an intense photon belt in space and everything will change….!!

It’s a freaky theory because the Mayan Calendar has taken into account some extremely complex and verifiable calculations and makes interesting reading (despite the Photon field theory being fundamentally flawed)!


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