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It’s quite common SEO practice to write articles on subjects relating to your website and submit them to article sites. Good quality informative articles will then be picked up by other website owners and used on their sites to further the exposure of the useful information.

Several months ago I wrote an article on secured loans and bad credit which I distributed to a number of article sites.

Over time I have seen the article used on a few sites and naturally it pleases me to know other people found of use.

However some website owners simply choose to use one article to populate several pages of their site to falsly indicate their site is packed with content. This is flattering nonetheless because someone sees your article as potentially useful to their SEO.

Within the article their are links to my site and these all seem to remain intact and Google claims there is nothing another person can do to potentially harm your rankings I’d like to think there are no side effects for these multiple article duplications. Any suggestions welcome.

On such site has chosen not only to use my article for SEO targetting English speaking webusers but also a selection of other nationalities as well by simply having my article translated!!

Here’s the Dutch version (the site is not great):

I discovered this using the Google webmaster tools external link reports.

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