Date:17 January 2011 I Comments: 3 I Views:12,497

As the world tightens its belt for a frugal year ahead in 2011, shopping aficionados will be looking for ways to get the most out of their budget, which means being a little wily when it comes to finding a bargain. The proliferation of mobile internet means there’s all manner of handy apps that can help cut the costs and guarantee savings – here’s a guide to the must have money saving shopping apps.


Stay on top of your finances and check before indulging in that ‘big buy’ – a personal money management tool, the Moneydance mobile app allows users access to finances on the move, with information on account balances, transactions and receipts.


Make sure you’re on hand to bag that bargain with the eBay mobile app – access your account, track and watch items and increase your bids.

XE Currency

Stay on top of your international purchases with this essential foreign currency convertor – perfect for travelling abroad and haggling on eBay.

Google Goggles
Visual search is the new big thing – if you see something you love, take a picture and search via Google Goggles, which will return relevant search results, meaning you can search for best prices online before committing on the high street.


Save money wherever you are with Voucher Cloud – the app uses Geolocation to find available discounts and promotions in relation to your current location.


The social contender of 2010 – more than a simple Geolocation tool, Foursquare allows users to earn loyalty points by visiting participating outlets and is expected to revolution the social/retail sphere in the coming years.


A barcode scanner app, which allows users to scan any bar code on any item and find out where the product is sold and for how much – the perfect bargain hunter accessory.


Cutting edge trends from the shopping and fashion bible are now available on your phone – the app transfers the magazine into handheld format and introduces video and interactive design. Whilst it won’t ‘save’ you money, it can offer excellent inspiration on your way to the high street or car boot sale.