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Went out for a meal with some friends for my brother’s birthday last night to Kuti’s in Southampton.

It’s quite a nice Indian restaurant with a good reputation in quite a nice area of the city.

There was champagne, poppadoms and a varied selection of exotic dishes. All in all, a pretty good evening.

Then came the cake…

This was not organised but the restaurant was aware there was a birthday in our party.

The Maitre de, a slim blonde well presented woman approached our table with a microphone and announced to the entire restaurant that there was a birthday celebration taking place followed by a waiter carrying a small cake with a single candle.

The cake was presented to my brother after some more talking into the microphone and then she started to sing….

With a John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever stance she sang happy birthday in a very poor Marilyn Monroe style.

It was comparable to some of the very bad x-factor auditions. Her pitch was sadly all over the place.

Why would you do that? Sing in a restaurant full of people when you can’t really sing? Why haven’t the rest of the staff said anything? It was awful!

Nonetheless, there was cake to compensate. Or at least we thought…

The cake was divided up into very small pieces and passed around.

A few people dived in and started eating but one girl who was just picking at bits found a section of slightly green sponge. On inspection, the base of the cake was riddled with green spots of mould!

Double whammy! A terrible presentation for a moldy birthday cake!

Needless to say further compensation came in the form of a mediocre bottle of wine.

Still, the rest of the food was excellent and the service was very good!

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