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On the 22nd of October I passed the Investments & Risk module of the IFS Certificate in Financial Advice (CeFA).

This is the IFS qualification that is needed to be recognised as an IFA and until 2012 the 4 modules are:

  • UK financial services industry, regulation and ethics
  • investments and risk
  • protection
  • retirement planning
  • After 2012 the Diploma in Financial Advice (DipFA) will be required to continue working as an IFA.

    So, I’m pleased I’ve got the recent exams out of the way but there’s still a way to go!

    I’ve already received and started on the next module ‘Retirement Planning & Protection’ (2 more exams).

    Once that’s out of the way there’s another Module ‘Assessment of Investment Advice Knowledge’ followed by a 2 hour exam that tests the application of all previously aquired knowledge.

    At that point I can start to gain more practical knowledge but as the DipFA takes 9 months to complete I need to get started on that by March 2011.

    And it’s already mid-November!

    Some people say it’s not a good time to get into the industry because of new regulation and an impending overhaul that is threatening to cause major upset and from what I’ve read and discussed with others it certainly sounds like that is going to be the case. (See next post – still in progress!)

    But as I have quite a keen interest in the industry and I’m already well on my way I have no intention of stopping now and even if the industry collapses at least I’ll  have learned something!

    All I have to do now is squeeze it into my routine.

    It’s 7.15 on a Wednesday evening and I think I’ll finish early for a change…

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