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I can’t even begin to understand how the parents of missing Madeleine McCann are feeling.

My thoughts are with them and I’m following the developments in the news like so many other people throughout the world.

The news and developments on the case are being updated on a regular basis and people all around the world are praying and offering support in whatever way they can.

People are able to download posters to put up anywhere they can think of that could help police with their enquiries or trigger people’s memories.

An email and photograph is also being circulated in an attempt to spread word as far afield as possible to further close the net on whoever may be responsible.

This is a genuine email, I telephoned Pat Perkins to verify the authenticity and it is real. She told me the response has been wonderful and very gratefully received.

I don’t know if it will make any difference but if the friends and relatives feel as though anything could make a difference and it takes no time to forward on an email then where’s the harm?

The email is as follows and I sincerely hope it helps and this frightening story has a happy ending:-


On behalf of Kate and Gerry McCann and all the family, please help us find Madeleine.

Madeleine, age 3, was abducted from her bed in the family holiday apartment, Praia De Luz, Algarve, Portugal on Thursday, 3rd May.

Police and all of Portugal are trying to find her. The Portuguese people, holiday makers and ex pats have been a great support to the family and continue their efforts.

You, too can help. Please circulate this plea  to publicise Madeleine’s photo and ask for information, no matter how small to be passed on to the authorities.

Whether you are in the UK, Portugal, Europe or beyond, please forward to all your family, friends,colleagues and business associates. Someone out there will have some information that will lead to Maddy’s return.

The internet can be a powerful tool in finding Maddy, who is so loved and missed by us all.

Let’s use it positively.

Please pray for Madeleine and all the family at this devastating time.

We need your help.  We know you won’t let Maddy down.

God bless,

Pat Perkins
(Family friend)

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