Date:14 March 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:6,969

FollowUs (, the UK’s leading mobile location solutions service company, has aided BBC’s Watchdog to uncover how one airport car parking company was mistreating a customers’ car.

Aired on the 27th February, the show followed the actions of an employee of a Meet & Greet service with the hidden FollowUs Win200 GPS logger device to track the movements of a bait car. It revealed the car was left on the side of a road and outside a supermarket for three nights when it was meant to be in a secure compound. The device also revealed the driver breaking the speed limit eight times as well as topping 100mph twice. The GPS tracker costs just £99 plus VAT.

Kevin Brown, Commercial Director of FollowUs, commented,
“The size of a box of matches, this device can be hidden and provides additional security for your property. As the programme showed, you just download the log onto your computer to see details of the movements based on time, speed or bearing. We are happy to see the device work in such exciting ways and help Watchdog for a good cause.”

Available from FollowUs’s online store,, the Win200 GPS logger unit costs just £99.99 (+VAT). The device can be used with Google Earth for mapping and can recharge using the car’s cigarette charger.

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