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I in my capacity as a personal finance website owner I come across advertising material for a multitude of personal finance products. Sometimes it catches my eye and I think, yes, that’ll probably work! Other times I look at things and think, what on earth!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of design ‘mistakes’ and I put that down to having to much creative freedom and a detached view on reality.

It’s a difficult business to advertise. You have to get the balance just right and appeal to your target demographic and in the finance industry that can sometimes mean almost everyone! I.e. Bank accounts.

Many banks seem to have the right idea opting for a sincere, established and trustworthy perception although some do occasionally make claims of vast diversity when in fact they’re all doing basically the same thing.

Web banners are a particularly tricky part of the online marketing strategy and if they’re not done well can be potentially embarrassing and even misleading.

Some can quite easily deter people instead of attracting them in.

Cartoon images used to advertise serious financial products like life insurance are all very well but what does that tell the viewer? That life insurance is fun? That life insurance isn’t serious? That life insurance isn’t really something to worry about…?

But then on the flip-side, advertising that is too serious may come across as daunting, confusing and too much of a chore to want to tackle purely on the basis of seeing an advert.

In my mind the best adverts are simple, explanatory and memorable. They are subtly eye-catching without being garish and clear to the eye.

Do you have a favourite? Or a worst?

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