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Every now and again bloggers can be found using the internet for their own personal gain. And why not. The internet is massive, the marketing potential is huge and the target audience is sometimes ready made and although the internet is really about information there is no doubt it’s also a great money spinner.

Therefore, having recently inherited a small business that requires a little TLC I thought I’d try to boost its online presence slightly by writing a little article with a touch of search engine marketing thrown in:

Since 1978 my Uncle had a small bookkeeping practice. For many years he serviced many regular and happy customers who were mostly self employed people. A botched operation sadly left him unable to concentrate properly which is very counterproductive when you need a head for figures.

My father took over the business and by taking on better premises and making a bit of a noise he was able to build up the business to provide small business and self employed bookkeeping and accounting services to a good number of clients in the Southampton area.

Several years on and a bit of bad luck with the office premises meant the business had to move from a main road shop front location to a small back room in another building. In addition my father’s business interests had strayed somewhat from the bookkeeping and we all know what happens in small business if you take your eye off the ball!

So when the old stick suddenly shuffled off last year I found myself in a bit of a predicament.

What to do with the business.

It was approaching Xmas and the two very loyal members of staff needed paying and client accounts still needed to be completed. The choice was obvious really!

Having been working in the shrivelling mortgage industry for the last 2 years this was clearly an opportunity to rejuvenate an established business that was once quite profitable and at the same time safeguard the jobs of the staff and the needs of existing clients.

Just over 6 months on and the business is once more on a main road with a shop front and a new sign, the staff are in a much bigger room with bigger desks, flat screen monitors (finally!)and a dedicated store room for files (instead of piles in corners!). 

The premises we now let come with a flat above and subletting the flat virtually covers the total rent keeping our overheads much lower. A saving we can pass onto our customers.

I am now embarking on bookkeeping and accountancy courses so that I can continue to grow and expand the business and put more letters after my name.

As well being small business and self employed bookkeepers and accountants in Southampton clients also now have access to a wide range of personal finance services from mortgages to pensions plus web building, marketing and IT.

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  1. Peter

    Good on you, just remember, the cheapest customers to keep are the ones you already have.
    Best of Luck