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What an excellent idea. Recycle your old phones for cash!

I had three of them lying around and I thought I’d see who offered the best deal.

I started with the two most advertised options because I’ve been brainwashed into thinking everything I see on television is true.

But then thanks to Google and competitive advertising I came across a few providers offering the same service so I thought to myself, ‘right, who’s going to give me the most money for these wastes of (drawer) space?’

I may have spent more time than necessary trying to find out and it’s possible that if I had been working I could have earned more in the time it took to find an extra £1 her or there.

On top of which I’ve written this but if it helps, why not…

I have looked into the following mobile phone buying companies:

Envirofone, Mazuma Mobile, Mopay, Fone Bank, GreenTecMobile Phone Xchange.

The phones I have are: Nokia 7250, Nokia 6233 & Motorola Pebl (U6)

And here’s what I found:

Company / Phone
Nokia 7250 Motorola Pebl Nokia 6233 Total
envirofone £2.12 £3.06 £28.67 £33.85
Mazuma Mobile £3 £3 £30 £36
Mobile Phone Xchange £No listing £No listing £31 £31 (1)
Fone Bank £4 £4 £32 £40
Mopay £4 £5.85 £30 £39.85
GreenTec £No listing £6.11 £32.74 £38.86 (2)

At first glance it looks as though Fone Bank are the leaders but GreenTec come a very close 3rd with only 2 of the phones.

To maximize on he potential value of my phones, if I sell 2 to GreenTec and one to Mopay or Fone Bank I’ll actually make £42.86

What this suggests is if you want to make the most money you can from your old phones it pays to shop around a bit.

Or you could use one of the comparison websites set up to find who offers the most for your phone and of the few I’ve seen the best so far is but, they don’t include GreenTec which could offer the most!


  1. Mkcoy

    Hi there. Looks like you should have seen the comparison between the two companies that was left on the SellYourMobile site. Also there are other recyclers you missed out that actually pay more for mobile phones than any of the ones you have there.

  2. Thanks Mkcoy for your comment. I checked out the site you mention (SellYourMobile) but I still couldn’t find anyone who offered more for my phones than GreenTec.

  3. I used Mazuma once, they were pretty sharpish with sending the check although i did feel like i got next to nothing for the phone.

    Better than a smack in the eye though!


  4. kutta


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