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I started experiencing a few problems with my trusty laptop lately and thought I better look into a back-up or replacement.

In the DELL catalogue I found an amazing deal. A Dimension C521. Not the latest or highest spec machine around but:

Dual core processor 3600+


250GB Hard Drive


13-in-1 card reader

Genuine Windows Vista

1yr collect and return.


A 19″ flat panel monitor.

All for just £199 (plus VAT and delivery).

The catalogue also offered a further reduction to just £179 if ordered before 11/07/2007.

Unfortunately I missed out on the £179 deal by a few days but called DELL anyway to place an order.

The first thing I asked however, was if there were any other offers or deals similar to the £179 offer. I was told that unfortunately there were not.

So I went through the process of declining all their kind offers of options and extras and the final price came to £293.82.

The DELL process then requires me to confirm the spec by responding to a confirmation email they send out.

When the email finally arrived (I had to prompt them again) I did not respond straight away. Instead I told a friend about the offer who promptly visited the DELL website and actually found the same system, still on offer online for £179!!

Naturally I called DELL and said I’d like to amend my quote to reflect the offer available online. The operator went through a few checks to make sure the spec was the same and it was in fact the same system then confirmed he would make the changes and send me a new quote.

Just 10 minutes ago, he called me to say that after checking, the system wouldn’t allow my original quote to be amended so they wouldn’t be able to change it for the cheaper offer. I felt a warmth of righteous anger envelop me and keeping completely calm just said, ‘OK, then cancel the order completely and I’ll call you back in a few days to get a new quote for the cheaper price’.

All the operator (Michael) said was, ‘fair enough’ because there was little more he could say!

The current £179 offer runs until 25/07/07 so I think I’ll give them a call on Monday….!

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