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I just saved my mother £136.54 by using the online car insurance comparison service.

Compare Car Insurance

She’s 65, retired and drives a ’99 Fiesta Ghia and was quoted £206.85 or £227.54 if paid over 12 months.

This renewal quote was from Lloyds with whom she also banks and yet they still charge more for paying monthly. No incentives there….!

By putting in all the information you would normally give over the phone, the car insurance comparison tool compares a wide selection of some of the best known UK car insurance companies.

Once you have filled in your details the system gives you a list of insurance companies organised by price from lowest to highest plus details of whether or not a courtesy car or legal cover is provided. (Always get legal cover, solicitors are expensive)

Online quote systems usually provide cheaper prices than in person or over the phone because you are doing much of the admin work yourself by filling in the form.

The best price came from The Post Office at £141.

You are probably thinking, that is not a saving of £136.54! That’s only £86.54 and you’d be right but…

The Post Office are also offering £50 cashback which brings the annual policy, fully comp with courtesy car and legal cover with a voluntary excess of just £100, to £91 and a saving of £136.54!

To compare car insurance online I had to provide a phone number and I suspected why, so I entered my number not that of a retired 65 year old woman who really dislikes sales calls!

Sure enough, later that day…

A call from ‘Call Connections’ and the lovely sounding Gemma!

It was suggested to me that it may be possible to beat the quote and if I was willing could she put me through to one of the companies and see?

Naturally I was staggered to find I may be able to shave even more off the policy and agreed.

I was put through to Swinton in Eastleigh (a local branch), the chap answered the phone but said they were very busy and could he call me back shortly. I agreed but never heard back… 1 strike for Swinton!

Shortly after, Gemma called again and asked how I’d gotten on, I explained, she was saddened and offered an alternative and asked if she could put me through.

This time it was Equity Insurance Brokers in Southampton and Sophie was extremely helpful and the quote was surprisingly competitive at £122 (£136 with protected NCD) and I will definitely be keeping their details! Unfortunately they could not offer a cashback incentive and did not get the business this time…

Later that same day…

Another call from Gemma! I didn’t mind though because she had a very good telephone manner and was also very polite.

I explained what had happened and once more was offered to be put through to the A-Quote Insurance ‘Priority’ line. I did, got put on hold for over a minute and I hung up. 1 strike for A-Quote.

Gemma called back and said ‘that was a quick call, how did it go?’

That was worrying but I’m sure their system only records call times…. Although I’ve heard so many ‘this call will be recoreded for training etc…’ messages that I can’t remember who said what!

Anyway, I told Gemma what had happened and she suggested Norwich Union, I was put through and I immediately told the operator the best quote I had so far. His reply was ‘we can’t go any lower than £130 in this ofice so can I put you through to our specialist team?’. Off I went to the specialist team who came back with a quote of £162, £32 more than NU’s lowest limit!

Another call from Gemma… I explained and yet again she had another insurance company up her sleeve but detecting a hint of boredom in my voice she said it would be the last one! She was good at her job that’s for sure because I was trying not to show it!

Anyway, Direct Choice (with whom I insure my motorbike) went through the motions and came back with a quote of £164 and did not think there would be a company in the whole of the UK that could beat the Post Office quote with the £50 cashback incentive.

In conlusion, offers a pretty good comparison service and the Post Office are doing some killer deals!

Sorry call Connections but even though Gemma earned her money today, it must have cost more than her efforts made!

Compare Car Insurance

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