Date:8 March 2007 I Comments: 1 I Views:3,299

Got kids? Tread on toys? Keep buying things that just end up taking up all your storage space? STOP!!

Summer is coming and the ideal solution is cheap, folds flat and is guaranteed to give kids, from ages 1 to probably 5 or 7, hours and hours of fun!!

Play houses made of durable cardboard. Simple to construct and right from the start the kids will be having fun.

In a variety of shapes and sizes, these come plain and ready to decorate with child friendly paints, felt tips, crayons or whatever you like!

Use them as storage, fold them flat and hide them away and when you’re sure they’ve had as much use as they’re going to, recycle them!!

Did I mention they’re cheap too!! From £28 only!

Or a ready decorated house:

Lots of toys these days are also made from recyclable plastics but make sure your local council can process plastic products. There are far too many things that are recyclabe but still going to landfill because the UK is not equipped to process all of it.


  1. As a parent to a 4 year old and 18 month old, they seem like a brilliant idea. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve nearly broken an ankle from stepping on a toy lying around our home.