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Where do you buy your office supplies?

There are dozens of places to go and a dozens of products to compare and like anything, time is always a factor.

I recently needed to top up my supply of document wallets and because they’re only going to be used for storing files and not for display they can be as cheap as possible.

But where is the best place to buy cheap document wallets? Who sells the cheapest office supplies?

Although time is not something I have an abundance of I thought it might be useful to suggest a few options based on my experience of shopping around for cheap document wallets.

Because time is short, the internet is my first port of call when seeking the cheapest office supplies and Google is always a good place to start.

I searched and then researched and a few names were more prominent but others like Staples and Rymans didn’t come up in my search so I looked at them separately.

I didn’t want to bother looking at the price of single wallets because I need a few and I don’t really need boxes and boxes of them but…

For 50 document wallets the cheapest I found were: (prices include VAT)

In 4th place at £17.45 (5x pack of 10) – Rymans (+ £5.17 postage)

In 3rd place at £12.86 (pack of 50) – Euroffice (+ £4.54 postage)

In 2nd place and the leader for packs of 50 at £8.60 is… Staples! (+ £4.54 postage)

But for bulk orders you can buy 800 wallets, that’s 16 packs of 50 at an equivalent price of just £3.94 per 50 giving a total of £63.11 (with no postage)..

The winner is… ebay!

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