Date:5 September 2007 I Comments: 2 I Views:9,155

Well, I passed Module 1 of 3 on Monday and begin a course to cover parts 2 & 3 on the 29th.

I attended a course for module 1 at the University of Westminster run by New Leaf Training ( who are also running the second phase.

All being well I should be qualified to advise on mortgages in a couple of months!

In the meantime if anyone needs any help or advice I do know a very good company who are FSA registered with many years experience and access to literally 1000’s of mortgage products (Flexible Money Management Ltd).

Contact me and I can put you in touch. (My company is registered with the Data Protection Act, registration number: Z9321402) and I assure you, your details will not be used for any other purpose)

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  1. The exam itself was not as easy as I expected. Compared to all of the mock papers I did the questions were more applied and required an understanding of the subject and not just an ability to recall the facts.