Date:4 June 2007 I Comments: 1 I Views:5,887

Just caught a glimpse of an advert for one of the popular UK girlie mags and one of the headlines read something like “Victoria Beckham’s LA Dream Shattered/In Ruins”.

Firstly, with all their wealth, how could those dreams possibly be ruined? I stayed in LA for 10 days and had a good look around and unless you’re silly rich, it’s no different from anywhere else. OK, so it’s hot but what’s new, right?

So what makes it ‘hot news’ just because it’s Victoria Beckham? I mean, apart from marrying David and being a seemingly genuine ‘nice’ person, why is she so special?

So here’s an example of some headlines about normal people that might actually make me buy a magazine:

“Larry Smith Finally Gets That Promotion”

“Local Man Has Epiphany and Seeks Help for Gambling Addiction”

“Mavis 87, Jumps Queue and Celebrates New Hip Early”

“John, Sarah and the Kids Have Family BBQ – Happiest Day of My Life so far says 3 yr Old”

“Poacher Stumbles and Looses Nose in Mole Trap”

“Chavs Promote Clean Britain by Tidying Up Town”

“Mathematicians & Physicists Work Together to Find Extra Hour in Day”

“Standard Door Width Narrowed to Combat Growing Obesity Problem”

“Mobile Phone Released That Never Needs Upgrading”

“Cows Fitted with Carbon Filter Nappies to Combat Global Warming”


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