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Below is an article I have been sent by a business owner in Argentina whose business is an expanding start-up. I’ve not changed any part of it so it has an authentic Latin American flow and it contains some universal lessons that any new business owner should be aware of. How to Start and Grow Your Business in Latin America We are the biggest Price Comparison Site (Aggregator) in Latin America with more than 4.000.000 unique users and 20 employees in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and México. But this is not about who we are or what we do, this is about how more >

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If you want to know why the world is currently in financial turmoil then this is a very insightful read: To summarise, Citigroup (a whopper of a US bank with all sorts of questionable ties and one that received a massive bailout from the US Government) sold mortgages and they also bought mortgages from other financial institutions. It then sold on these mortgage debts to other lenders and that alone is enough to make some people’s head spin. The debts were sold on because they had value because the people who actually owed the money were paying interest. Lenders more >

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How many European leaders slapped their brows when they heard the news about the proposed referendum in Greece? I’d hazard a guess at ‘quite a few’. Having spent ‘hours’ in meetings discussing the way forward for further bail-outs for Greece the Greek Prime Minister decided his public should vote on the matter. Why? Can you imagine what would have happened here in the UK if the ConDems had allowed us to vote on the austerity measures? More people would have voted than they did in the elections and there would probably have been a unanimous result of a resounding ‘no’ to cuts. more >