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People all over the place are advertising the ‘best secured loan’ but what are they really offering? The best secured loan for one person may not be the best secured loan for another. Companies are also not allowed to claim they offer the ‘best secured loan’ or any other kind of financial product unless they are regulated and authorised to do so. Check for any reference to the FSA They may be able to advertise THEIR best rate or loan but that does not mean it is THE best loan available. (NOTE: If a secured loan lender displays their best more >

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Several definitions of APR can be found online but without digging deep the results can be a little vague. The APR or Annual Percentage Rate is, according to Wikipedia: “Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is an expression of the effective interest rate that will be paid on a loan, taking into account one-time fees and standardizing the way the rate is expressed. In other words the APR is the total cost of credit to the consumer expressed as an annual percentage of the amount of credit granted. APR is intended to make it easier to compare lenders and loan options.” That is just a snippet from more >

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A recent circular made it through my door offering me a small ‘cash’ loan of up to £500. ‘Quick cash’ and ‘payday’ loans have been available in America for many years and have recently started to gain more ground in the UK too. Indicative of the fact that debt problems are on the rise (a fact very few would dispute). People that are likely to need small cash injections are also likely to be people on very low incomes. People on higher incomes have more opportunity to save or have more options by way of debt consolidation. The more you more >

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Some months ago when I first discovered the virtues of article writing I wrote about the need for a secured debt consolidation loan. Just a simple break down of why a secured loan may be an advantage under certain circumstances. More and more lately I am finding it in use by other webmasters and all that I have seen have been good enough to keep all the links intact too! The article itself is here: Do you need a Debt Consolidation Loan So thanks to anyone using it and I hope it helps! more >

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I must point out one of the key benefits to making the change and opening up the office space. Previously, the desk I sat at overlooked a small bit of concrete and there were bars on the window! (for security, there’s a footbal stadium nearby.) Now there is space all around, plenty of light and a view of the world going by! Literally! Did I mention it’s situated on a very busy junction? I’d recommend to anyone working for themselves for long hours in front of a computer to allow themselves plenty of space and lots of natural light! more >

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This could warrant an entire blog all to itself but I recently opened a secured loan enquiry office. Mainly because I already had a bay fronted shop premises located right on a busy junction that I was using to store the consolidated furniture of my brother and my new sister in law. I had the room at the back, paid all the rent and sat in a corner making websites. I still sit in a corner making websites but now I am surrounded my new carpet, fresh paint, a new desk and a new dividing wall and I’m even prepared more >