Date:14 June 2007 I Comments: 1 I Views:3,763

A recent article on has listed 5 acts of sheer stupidity that resulted in death. From a stuntman that jumped off of Niagara Falls on a jet-ski with a parachute (who forgot to attach the parachute to himself) to a man that chose to try and cut a 7,500 volt cable with pruning shears! In all 5 of these instances, providing there was no link with a criminal act, a UK life insurance office would have actually paid the claim! Read the full story at more >

Date:12 April 2007 I Comments: 6 I Views:47,718

A 14 day cooling of period is common for many financial agreements including loans, credit cards and car insurance. If you receive a letter from your car insurance that reads something like: “If you wish to continue your policy you don’t have to do anything. If we don’t hear from you before the expiry of your policy it will be automatically renewed” And then did you forget to try and find a more competitive price only to discover the renewal date had just lapsed and your new policy with your existing insurer has already come into effect? Do not panic! You more >

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I recently use the car insurance comparison service and wrote a post about how good the final outcome was and how competitive the best quote was. The quote was from the Post Office and came in at what I thought was £141 with £50 cashback making a realsitic figure of £91. I retrieved the quote today only to discover I needed to do more. Firstly the reference number I used to retrieve the quote did not work so I called the Post Office, turns out my reference was actually for but that was Ok because the operator could more >

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I just saved my mother £136.54 by using the online car insurance comparison service. Compare Car Insurance She’s 65, retired and drives a ’99 Fiesta Ghia and was quoted £206.85 or £227.54 if paid over 12 months. This renewal quote was from Lloyds with whom she also banks and yet they still charge more for paying monthly. No incentives there….! By putting in all the information you would normally give over the phone, the car insurance comparison tool compares a wide selection of some of the best known UK car insurance companies. Once you have filled in your more >

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Sheila’s Wheels is proving to be a very popular and strong brand thanks to their successful advertising campaigns. There is now even a ‘fan’ site where enthusiasts can go to find out more about the girls, the pink Cadillac, download the song or get a copy of the lyrics and sing along! Sheilas’ Wheels has also recently launched its ‘Make Me A Sheila Star’ campaign find women in their 20’s to 70’s to guest star in their new TV ad, alongside the three lead Sheilas. Entry is now closed and over 6,000 women submitted their photo for consideration. Sheilas Wheels have set up more >

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Yes that’s right, Kwik-Fit can now insure your home! Kwik-Fit have been providing car insurance for a while now and they have recently moved into home insurance. This is the same company that is known and loved as the tyre and exhaust people. They may also do brakes and clutches but my memory is uncertain. So a company that has exhaust centres dotted across the country that offer a ‘while-you-wait’ service in their lovely blue overalls, can now protect your home as well as your car. It’s just another example of an organisation branching out into the finance arena and more >