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Date:3 November 2010 I Comments: 2 I Views:9,994

Leaving Sky and switching to BT.

Thank you Sky for once again automatically upgrading my broadband to a service that costs £7.50 per month more just because you seem to think I’d gone over my paltry usage allowance for the second time in 6 months.

And then to be told I have to stay on that package for at least 1 month before I can be downgraded!?

So, let me get this straight. Sky upgrade me without giving me a choice to opt out until they’d charged me £12.50 for a months worth of service that I didn’t even want?

Is that legal? Anybody…?

I work online all day so when I get home I tend not to turn on a pc or go online unless I need to shop, check mail or have a bit of a browse.

I don’t download music, films or watch much on YouTube. I just tend to browse and check email so I really struggle to believe I can use up my (massively generous) 2GB usage allowance.

The Sky Usage Tool is rubbish. It only shows usage by month so it’s impossible to work out when the most usage occurred.

This > Broadband Usage Calculator< helped me see that there is a very slim chance that ,with what I would consider ‘heavy’ usage, I might just squeak past the 2GB now and again.

So, an extra £7.50 per month for the Sky Unlimited Broadband package.

That’s on top of the TV subscription and my line rental and call package from BT.

Line rental = £11 (I got a bit of a deal and also opted for paperless billing & paying by direct debit which makes it cheaper)

Call package = £5 (anytime calls – not needed now as back in an office)

Sky TV = £28 (couple of bundles and a movie pack)

Sky Broadband – was £5 per month but now up to £12.50

Monthly cost = £56.50

Not worth it in my opinion.

I know a lot of people pay more than that for Sky with all the channels and bells and whistles but I still refer to TV as ‘the idiots lantern’.

And so, having decided that Sky and all their services can go whistle, what choices?

Well, I’ve opted for BT all the way.

I could have gone to Talk Talk for phone & broadband for just £19.03 per month including line rental, free evening & weekend calls and 40GB of monthly usage. Yes Sky, 40GB!!

But if I did that I wouldn’t have any kind of TV package.

I looked at Virgin but you don’t get much for your money and you have to pay extra to have a box that pauses, rewinds and records live TV.

Virgin Media, sort that out! Extra? For technology that’s been around for a long time now?!

So, BT.

They have an offer that makes line rental £9.49 if you pay for 12 months in advance. (I’m happy to do that but I wonder what offer they’ll come up with to manipulate next quarters profit figures?)

Then, Broadband with free evening and weekend calls is £13.99 per month but the first 3 months are free (making it work out to about £10.50 per month over 1 year)

The BT Vision Bronze package (which I consider to be equivalent to the package I had from Sky) is £7.50 per month for 3 months then £14.99 thereafter (equivalent to £13.12 per month)

So let’s work that out:

Line rental = £9.49

Broadband and calls = £10.50 eqv.

TV = £13.12 eqv.

Total = £33.11 per month.

And I’m going to get 10GB of usage allowance per month which isn’t as much as Talk Talk but it’s 5x more than Sky and I’ll be saving about £23.40 per month by comparison!

That’s a saving of about £280 over the year!

Oh, and here’s another tip.

If you’re thinking of switching to BT, don’t buy the Phone, Broadband & TV bundle offer. It’s actually cheaper to buy the Broadband only offer and the TV only offer which works out about £2 per month less than the bundle. It’s also a slightly better package and you can order it all at the same time!



  1. BT B/Band and BT Vision will be live on the 12th Nov, Sky stops on the 4th Dec so I’ll be able to compare the two and offer my observations…

  2. OK, so now I have BT Vision and Sky alongside each other until Sky’s 30 day notice period ends.

    I have to say, I really like the BT Vision On Demand viewing.

    All the free digital channels plus extra channels, popular programs and films on-demand.

    Watch what you want, when you want with no adverts!