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About a week ago I decided I’d really like to go and see The Kings of Leon in concert. There’s something about their sound that really appeals to me and they’re the first band in a long time that I’ve wanted to see live.

I’ve been to plenty of gigs and a few festivals in the past but nothing for a few years.

I did a quick search online for any sign of a tour and discovered they are due to perform in Bournemouth (just 1/2 an hour away..) at the BIC (Bournemouth International Centre) on July 4th (4th day of the new no-smoking law! Wont that be nice!).

I can’t remember the first site I came to for tickets but they were selling for £55 each (plus the usual fees).

I was a bit put off by this as it seemed a little excessive and I didn’t pursue things for a few days but this weather has a stimulating effect on the soul and yesterday I resumed my search determined to find a better price.

I tried ebay only to find people selling their tickets for as much as £69.99 plus £12 postage!!

Then I discovered and a price of just £22.50 plus £2.25 booking fee. Unfortunately, the only seats they had left were sitting. I know the layout of the BIC so I know it could be difficult to find a way into the standing area from some of the seating areas.

Because event and concert tickets are bought in bulk by resellers it is fair to assume until you can prove otherwise, that just because one seller has sold out, another may have not.

At this point however I did not want to spend too much more time surfing so I decided to do what everyone should always do right from the start.

I got directly in contact with the venue. In this case:

I know have three tickets in ‘standing’ for less than the price of one on ebay.

Then a friend of mine told me The King’s are great to listen to but a bit disappointing live… Ah well, at least it will be loud and smoke free!

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