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The heading of this post may lead you to think it will be about the various offers and deals available from BT.

But it’s not. It’s about one particular offer seemingly available on BT’s own online Terms and Conditions but peculiarly unobtainable.

BT have a great call plan offer, don’t get me wrong I think it’s great for people who may do some work form home and need to call 0845 numbers now and again.

Sky have ‘Sky Talk’ which you can pay £5 per month for and pay nothing for the first hour for calls to 01, 02 & 03 numbers. If you want to talk for more than an hour you simply hang up and start again.

BT have recently launched ‘BT Unlimited Anytime Plan’ which is a similar offer but also includes 0845 numbers and their introductory offer is £4.95 per month if you subscribe for 12 months.

I can easily add £10 – £15 to my monthly phone bill if I work form home so this is a great offer.


Please allow me to draw your attention one particular cherry of a deal that appears to offer an extra £1 discount on line rental and is clear to see on the BT terms and Conditions (at time of writing this post anyway!) but for some reason, nobody in BT seems to know about it!

These T’s & C’s can be found via a link at the bottom of the BT Calling Plans page. I’ve found a direct link to the page but who knows how long it will work for

If you open this in a new window and do the following:

Click on ‘Unlimited Anytime Plan offers/deals’

You should see a read bold heading that says ‘Unlimited Anytime Plan’

Under this there are 5 bold black sub-headings each describing different variations of the Unlimited Anytime Plan.

Scroll down to the third sub heading which reads:

“Unlimited Anytime Plan for £4.95 per month and Line Rental with £1 off – 12 month Renewable Special Offer

This special offer is available to eligible new and existing residential customers agreeing to a 12 month renewable contract on the Unlimited Anytime Plan between 16th March 2009 and 15th August 2009 (inclusive).

You will pay £4.95 per month (£1 discount compared to the same plan without a renewable contract, discount via bill credit), plus line rental at £10.25 per month (£1 discount compared to standard line rental), if paying by Direct Debit or monthly payment plan and the customer elects for paper-free billing. Otherwise add £1.50 per month for payment processing fee levied by BT Payment Services Limited, a BT Group company, plus £1.25 without paper-free billing discount. Exclusions and conditions apply. Discount is via bill credit.”

Interpret this how you will but to me it seems to suggest the call plan will cost £4.95 and you’ll also get £1 off your line rental.

But can anyone in BT actually sell you this offer? Is it available via their website? No!

I tried and I tried. I spoke to 5 or 6 people (I forget) and each person I had to direct to their own T’s & C’s to show them the offer.

I was told I’d have to go through and complete the order and select the option online.

I did this and ended up with the wrong deal. There was no option!

I called them and after several more explanations and re-reading of the terms a nice woman actually told me she’d found the offer and changed my incorrect online purchase to suit. I was delighted.

Then I received a letter about my purchase showing the wrong offer without the extra £1 discount.

Another call and even more discussions and this time I was met with flat denial about the offers existence! Even though it was in black and white on their T’s and C’s.

I know it’s only £12 for the year but it’s the principle!

After an interesting conversation it was agreed that my account would be credited £12 so that I received the same benefit as the offer I wanted.

Something of a hollow victory because I was still met with denial of the offers existence despite being given £12!

I then logged onto my BT account and discovered there were 2 calling plans showing on my account and Friends and Family which I hadn’t ordered!

Another phone call to BT.

Apparently the online system doesn’t reflect their actual billing system!

How is anyone supposed to resolve a dispute if you’re both looking at completely different sets of information?

It turned out that I did have a variation of the original offer set up with the correct monthly discount but worked out slightly differently. (Someone had to perform a manual override to give me the discount because the offer wasn’t on their system!)

I have also been credited £12 and learned not to trust my online customer account!

I might give the £12 back once I’m satisfied I’m being billed the correct amount….

So, anyone who works from home and can be bothered to go through this rigmorale could save themselves an additional £12 per year.

Or if you just want to play with BT for half an hour why not try to find out more from them!



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