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It’s started again. The ‘car crash’ reality tv show that is Big Brother.

It’s everywhere.  E4 have even replaced the much loved series Scrubs entirely with the show (a bleak day for television indeed….).

Me, I don’t like Big Brother. I think it’s just a fantastic money spinner and the developers of the show deserve a huge pat on the back for their success.

I was originally going to focus this article on how much it might cost to advertise during Big Brother and I did a little research but when I came across some publicised figures regarding the profits of the company behind the show I had to amalgamate the two.

I don’t know how the business side of TV works but some of the advertising profits must be passed on to the show’s developers though, surely? 

Channel 4 had 6.2 million viewers for the launch of BB8, 800,000 less than BB7 which had a peak of over 8 million viewers.

According to research it’s possible to pay between £8 and £60 per viewer (educational site – no clarification of timespan though) or between £250 and £1000 per advert (A Virgin Media company showing £1000 for a 60 second slot – although the table is confusing) or between £50 and £29,567 per 30 second ad. (ITV example).

Ad campaigns are bespoke so TV companies can’t always accurately publicise the costs.

Although if the figure of £60 per viewer is per ad, that would equate to £372,000,000 per ad during the show so I don’t think that’s an accurate figure to assume!

So going with the highest ITV example of £29,567 per ad, if the show has 5 x 3minute ad break slots (3 during, 1 before and 1 after) that’s 15 minutes of ads at (2×29567) £59,134 per minute. Total £887,010 made from advertising PER SHOW!! (potentially)

How many shows are they televising in total? Are there actually more ads during the show? I wouldn’t know because I don’t want to sit through a whole show to find out but either way it’s a lot of money. Then there’s the spin off shows….

That’s just the TV advertising potential of the show but of course there’s also the voting.

The show has received between 12,000,000 and 30,000,000 votes per series over the years but this year text voting has been dropped entirely and the cost of a phone vote has been halved from 50p to 25p (Channel 4 have opted out of receiving their previous 25p per vote).

This is surely going to have an impact on the profitability of the show in some way but even if the show only gets an average of those two figures that’s 21,000,000 votes which would still equate to £5,250,000.

Even though Channel 4 are not going to be making any money out the voting the company behind the show, Endemol, still expect sales to pass the 1bn euro mark this year but then, they are behind Deal or No Deal too…!

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