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Bank of England Base Rate – Interest – ed? | Personal Finance Blog - UKMoneyPot.co.uk

Date:26 July 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:8,738

In changing times when the interest rate is rising and is said to continue doing so, it pays to know where you stand.

Keeping an eye on the Bank of England base rate can give you some idea of trends and so can keeping updated on inflation and inflation reports.

So where can you go to keep updated?

The answer is quite simple really.


It’s all there where you would expect it to be. Spewing forth from the proverbial horse’s mouth!

You can even subscribe to email alerts for the facts as and when they happen.

If you currently have savings in an account that is paying less than the Bank of England base rate, you are not really getting a good deal. (If a bank can earn more than you can on YOUR money, it’s not really fair!)

Check out some offers on savings accounts.

If you have a mortgage that has an interest rate well above the base rate, you are probably not getting a good deal.

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