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I came across something about Facebook that made me laugh and it inspired me to go ahead and write something I’ve been mulling over for a while now.

Ever since MZ (Mark Zuckerberg) was slated for wearing his hoodie to meetings with investors and the much publicised IPO I’ve been itching to write something but this is a bit of a fail because I’m going to re-post something someone else did.

But first, so what if he wore a hoodie! I’m more interested in what he said in the meetings! But I couldn’t find much about that in the press… Why do they focus on the banal!

I imagined that, if he talks as slick as he did in ‘The Social Network’, the discussions would have been smart, concise and succinct (I know that was scripted ad acted but one wants to believe!).

Personally, at his age he probably thought he was a teensy bit invincible and life was going as well as anybody could have dreamed (what with being a multi-billionaire and about to get married to a very pretty woman).

Oh how the mighty fall! So the share value has plummeted. People are actually suing FB for their losses and where’s MZ? On his honeymoon? Maybe he should sell his holiday snaps to OK?

What a mess.

Personally though I think Facebook advertising has much better ROI than Google and I’ve dropped some Google Adwords in favour of FB ads because the ads are more targeted and the clicks are soO much cheaper!

Still, Facebook, you did it to yourself you did, and that’s why it really hurts…

The following was originally posted here: (just getting that in so folks know I’m not very good at drawing).

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  1. On the subject of Facebook ads – they are better than Google Ads simply because the end goal of a Facebook advert being clicked is get the user to hit “Like”. That’s customer retention, and is as good as any email list, if not better. Facebook certainly has its value, but what with the flotation, I hear rumours of in-line advertising in the Facebook stream itself!

    Now that would turn me off and possibly my fans too! MZ will pull the neck strings of his hoodie ever tighter at this rate.

    A camel is a horse designed by committee. MySpace, anyone?

  2. The whole Facebook saga will no doubt iron itself out sooner or later. Too many millions have invested their time in building their own little online worlds full of photos and friends to simply give it all up because of a few ads. Facebook just needs time to reassert itself as the Daddy of social networks.