Date:30 April 2012 I Comments: 0 I Views:8,132

From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success. The problem is the ground isn’t very fertile and nobody’s watering the bed. We’re in a recession again albeit more of an economy that is ‘bouncing along the bottom’ than a sharp drop and I don’t think the title ‘double dip’ is strictly accurate either. Too much time has passed since the last recession and it is barely a ‘dip’ this time around. It is plain to see however that the outlook is still pretty grim. National Australian Bank has announced the loss of jobs at Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks between more >

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Many people don’t enjoy spending money on insurance. Car insurance is a legal requirement and can sometimes feel like a financial burden which is one reason people like to shop around for the best deal. Anyone who has had to make a claim on their car insurance is more likely to appreciate the benefit and may subsequently start to look more closely at what they are buying to make sure they receive the best care when they need it most. Car insurance comparison sites know this which is why a few years ago they started to display some of the more >