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I am personally involved in helping people find life insurance. Mostly for people with a medical condition or high risk occupation. Regardless of the different circumstances of the individual, the things that people protect are always the same and the top two priorities are family & mortgage. Mortgages are quite simple to protect. If the mortgage is ‘Interest Only’ (the debt stays the same) then the most suitable cover is likely to be ‘level’ term insurance which also stays the same. If a mortgage is ‘repayment’ which means it goes down over time then the FSA favours ‘decreasing’ cover which more >

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Equity release; a term met with instant distaste and fear, however this out-dated approach could may well be having an impact on how people view their financial options during their retirement years with many having little knowledge and understanding of how it truly works and what rules have now been put in place to regulate the industry. Equity release could be a way to alleviate the stresses for many retirees who are struggling on low pension plans and reduced state benefits, coupled with the rising costs of day to day living. If you’re wondering about equity release and a little more >