Date:28 July 2010 I Comments: 2 I Views:10,091

I had a letter from Sky the other day which told me that I’d gone over my broadband usage allowance for the second time in 6 months so they had automatically upgraded me to ‘Sky Broadband Unlimited’ The letter then went on to say this new service should be more suited to my needs, I can track my usage online and they would need to re-test the performance of my line. It then said I should refer to┬ámy Sky Statement for a full breakdown of the payments due for my broadband. Nowhere in the letter did it mention the cost more >

Date:22 July 2010 I Comments: 6 I Views:13,085

There has been some news about this in the past but I have now experienced the affects of Japanese Knotweed on a mortgage application first hand so I can now add to the melting pot. My client had found a house they wanted, we put their application in, the mortgage lender contracted a surveyor to value the property and this came back fine so the mortgage was offered. The client had had an independent survey carried out and in total honesty mentioned to their solicitor that there was ‘nothing on the survey apart form the mention of some Japanese Knotweed’. more >

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I could sum up the rest of this article in one paragraph but to make the post a bit more fulfilling I feel as though I ought to pad it out a bit like a real news article. There are three types of people in the world; i) those who see life insurance as a vital part of their financial planning ii) those who just don’t see the point of life insurance iii) and those who are told by their wife that they need to sort it out. People who are fit and healthy with no medical conditions and nothing more >