Date:29 March 2010 I Comments: 3 I Views:9,834

It’s true, all is not necessarily lost. In writing this I would like to increase awareness and make it known that if someone is turned down for life insurance by one company (or even two or three) it does not have to mean that cover is unobtainable. Don’t be fooled into thinking the big supermarkets offer their own cover, they simply re-brand other insurance companies products. A lot of banks are also only brokers for other companies and therefore you might apply to a few brokers thinking they are different companies when in actual fact they all offer the same cover under different names. As you more >

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Direct Line don’t feature on price comparison sites They don’t pay a middle man. But… They DO run online marketing campaigns and pay partner websites for each sale generated.  PLUS They are all over the TV paying an advertising agency to employ top UK personalities and for prime advertising slots at peak viewing times. So how do they pass on savings to the customer? They offer 52 days free cover. So? Aviva (who recently spent a fortune on their rebranding from Norwich Union) offer 2 months free cover. (2 months = 2 x 30 = 60 days free (approx.)) Web shoppers who want more >