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A recent article on has listed 5 acts of sheer stupidity that resulted in death. From a stuntman that jumped off of Niagara Falls on a jet-ski with a parachute (who forgot to attach the parachute to himself) to a man that chose to try and cut a 7,500 volt cable with pruning shears! In all 5 of these instances, providing there was no link with a criminal act, a UK life insurance office would have actually paid the claim! Read the full story at more >

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Without question, Paris Hilton is one of the most talked about celebrities (blah, blah, blah etc, etc… < - indicates my interest in celebrity gossip...). Many thousands of websites make reference to her and yet, the homepage of the Hilton Paris, (the hotel - is still able to find itself on the first page of results for the search 'Paris Hilton' on Yahoo. Surprisingly it's number 1 on MSN Live but only 46th on Google! Why does Google consider the hotel website less important than Yahoo & MSN? Why is it buried beneath a myriad of other sites, some more >

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I can’t find them online and I haven’t been in-store to check but apparently, Asda are selling school uniforms for £9.96 (ages 3-6). The price rises to £13.96 for 10 – 12 year olds. Woolworths are competing closely with ‘trousers and skirts for £2, shirts and blouses for £1, jumpers and cardigans for £2 and shoes for £8.’ Read the full story at Will they be able to keep up the bargain prices until the end of the summer or is it worth buying now in preparation? more >

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Is it my imagination or does Direct Line seem to have something against price comparison websites? Their recent run of TV advertising openly refutes the reliability of the information available from price comparison websites and encourages consumers to go directly to them. Obviously no names are mentioned but there are only a few well known comparison sites and the phrase ‘price comparison site’ which is used in the advertising, matches the slogan of who call themselves ‘the price comparison site’. So why have they done it? Have they fallen out with one or more of the price comparison websites? The advert more >

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Could it be possible, that because there are a large number of websites advertising a particular product, they could affect how changes are made to that product? For example, credit cards. Some advertise 0% until May 200X….. Some advertise 0% for 13 Months. In order for the company advertising ‘May 200X’ to remain competitive, this needs to become ‘June 200X’ the following month. Websites advertising the ‘0% until May 200X’ need to be updated every month in order to stay current. So to make it easier for website owners (and, OK lets be fair, all the printed material and other advertising) to be more >

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Payday loans have been big business in the USA for many years and are common place alongside credit cards and mortgages. The idea is ‘quick cash’. Small loan amounts for short term borrowing. The name ‘Pay Day’ suggests a ‘loan until payday’. You take out a small loan of up to £1000 and you pay it off in 30 days or when you get paid. Not a bad idea if you can’t get an advance from your boss and you need some emergency money but beyond that, these kinds of loans can be dangerous. Now being advertised in the UK, more >

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Just caught a glimpse of an advert for one of the popular UK girlie mags and one of the headlines read something like “Victoria Beckham’s LA Dream Shattered/In Ruins”. Firstly, with all their wealth, how could those dreams possibly be ruined? I stayed in LA for 10 days and had a good look around and unless you’re silly rich, it’s no different from anywhere else. OK, so it’s hot but what’s new, right? So what makes it ‘hot news’ just because it’s Victoria Beckham? I mean, apart from marrying David and being a seemingly genuine ‘nice’ person, why is she more >

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It’s started again. The ‘car crash’ reality tv show that is Big Brother. It’s everywhere.  E4 have even replaced the much loved series Scrubs entirely with the show (a bleak day for television indeed….). Me, I don’t like Big Brother. I think it’s just a fantastic money spinner and the developers of the show deserve a huge pat on the back for their success. I was originally going to focus this article on how much it might cost to advertise during Big Brother and I did a little research but when I came across some publicised figures regarding the profits more >

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A recent junk email offered the possibility of earning up to $10,000 (approx £5,000) per month without affecting existing employment. Call me a cynic but I thought money laundering and smuggling…? As follows:- Greetings. Would you be interested in a home job that allows you to earn up to $10,000 per month? No start up fees, no “envelope stuffing” nonsense. We proudly present CEVA Logistics’ CEO The job we offer will not affect your present career, it will only take a small part of your time. The only thing you need to have to start running your business with our more >

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On today’s edition of BBC’s Working Lunch a brief story advised consumers not to consider using fake pay-slips to borrow more than they can afford. Pay-slips are often used as proof of earnings by lenders to ensure an applicant can afford to repay credit such as a loan or mortgage. If a pay-slip reveals the applicant cannot afford extra borrowing, the credit may be declined. Some consumers have used fake pay-slips to suggest they are earning more than they actually are in order to qualify for borrowing larger amounts. Who would do such a thing? It’s just nuts! Not only could more >