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I in my capacity as a personal finance website owner I come across advertising material for a multitude of personal finance products. Sometimes it catches my eye and I think, yes, that’ll probably work! Other times I look at things and think, what on earth! Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of design ‘mistakes’ and I put that down to having to much creative freedom and a detached view on reality. It’s a difficult business to advertise. You have to get the balance just right and appeal to your target demographic and in the finance industry that can sometimes mean more >

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A recent study by Picture Financial reveals that most us in the UK know more about the products we buy off the shelf in a supermarket than the financial products available to us. Apparently only 6% of us know our rights when buying a financial product. One of the reasons behind this was ‘apathy’ (some of us just aren’t really bothered), another reason was the vast number of products out there and another was the confusing jargon used. Now I can understand why a large number of people may not know too much about pensions and plenty of us may more >

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Good news for homeowners! Mortgage companies are being forced to reduce exit fees paid by consumers when they switch mortgage providers or change to a different mortgage product. ‘Last month, the FSA gave mortgage firms until the end of February to reduce exit fees, charge nothing or justify any hikes they had made since the original policyholder’s contract. ‘ What this means for many mortgage customers is the ORIGINAL fee stated when the mortgage was first taken out STILL STANDS. Any increases that have been experienced over the term are to be reduced back to the original amount. Also, customers that have recently switched mortgages may more >