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Sheila’s Wheels is proving to be a very popular and strong brand thanks to their successful advertising campaigns. There is now even a ‘fan’ site where enthusiasts can go to find out more about the girls, the pink Cadillac, download the song or get a copy of the lyrics and sing along! Sheilas’ Wheels has also recently launched its ‘Make Me A Sheila Star’ campaign find women in their 20’s to 70’s to guest star in their new TV ad, alongside the three lead Sheilas. Entry is now closed and over 6,000 women submitted their photo for consideration. Sheilas Wheels have set up more >

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Having only just discovered that since moving hosting provider two weeks ago none of my email accounts were working properly, I have now had the issue resolved. The new host seems to be working out well despite this and had I noticed the problem sooner I’m sure they would have resolved it sooner too. 10pm on a Sunday I called the 24hr support line. I explained the problem, gave my details and was amazed when I was told the problem would be investigated and they would call me back! At 10.50pm the phone rang and sure enough it was the support more >

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I was approached by a company last year regarding advertising on their online business directory. I’m not going to name the company concerned as it would be quite embarrassing for them and wouldn’t help me much either. Let me explain why: The offer was a 2 month free trial campaign whereby they were to replace existing Yahoo Search Marketing results that they were displaying in their directory with their own managed sponsored listings. I was told the company had recently secured several million pounds for future development and advertising. I was also told a selection of statistics regarding various search more >

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Got kids? Tread on toys? Keep buying things that just end up taking up all your storage space? STOP!! Summer is coming and the ideal solution is cheap, folds flat and is guaranteed to give kids, from ages 1 to probably 5 or 7, hours and hours of fun!! Play houses made of durable cardboard. Simple to construct and right from the start the kids will be having fun. In a variety of shapes and sizes, these come plain and ready to decorate with child friendly paints, felt tips, crayons or whatever you like! Use them as storage, fold them flat and hide more >

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It’s quite common SEO practice to write articles on subjects relating to your website and submit them to article sites. Good quality informative articles will then be picked up by other website owners and used on their sites to further the exposure of the useful information. Several months ago I wrote an article on secured loans and bad credit which I distributed to a number of article sites. Over time I have seen the article used on a few sites and naturally it pleases me to know other people found of use. However some website owners simply choose to use one more >

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Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me Happy birthday dear me-e Happy birthday to me!! Dentist at 11, car in for MOT (fingers crossed..) Just another day…! more >

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…… I tell ya…. That nostalgia’s not what it used to be….!! more >

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Choose the possibility of 12 months less of repayments and hundreds of pounds less interest. When considering the option of transferring a credit card balance onto another credit card to take advantage of a 0% offer or taking out a loan to consolidate the credit card debt it pays to sit down and do the maths. Using a variety of online calculators and some simple maths it is possible to determine which option would make the most financial sense. Taking the time out to sit down and tackle the calculations could save over £1000 so even if it takes an more >

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I recently read an interesting article on a US finance blog regarding how canceling credit cards may affect your credit rating. To summarize, the article explained that if you are to cancel a credit card you should cancel the ones with the lowest credit limit. The reason for this is what you are left with is cards with high credit limits that still have a reasonable amount of available credit instead of low credit limit cards that are maxed out. Something called ‘credit-utilization ratio’ suggests that if you have lots of credit at your disposal, you’re only using a relatively more >

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This is quite a hot topic in SEO as people dispute the ethical concept of buying links on other websites. In a recent response to the question of whether or not a site would be punished for buying links, I read the following: ‘I don’t know but I think that you shouldn’t be punished. You are not getting punished for buying a text ad in a newspaper, so why should you be punished for buying a text link on a web site? You are marketing your product. Isn’t the web all about that? ‘ This makes a very valid point on the more >