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Something to be aware of when choosing an insurance company is how they record details of no-claims discounts.

When applying for car insurance we are required by law to put in the number of years no-claims discount that we can PROVE.

Usually this means taking the information from your previous insurance policy.

Some insurance companies only record up to 5 years no-claims. The big problem with this is if you know full well that you haven’t made a claim in over 10 years, you can’t prove it.

The question I now need answered is:

If I have an old certificate that shows 10 yrs NCD (No Claims Discount) and a current certificate that only shows 5 years NCD but the two policies were consecutive (so there is 100% proof of no claims in that time), can I use the old certificate to prove 10 years NCD?

I’m going to do some digging… Does anybody else know??

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  1. Having asked the question, it was refered to an insurance underwriter and I was told that yes, if the policies are consecutive and I have written proof of the NCD entitlement then it would be taken into consideration!

    Keep hold of all your historical car insurance documentation!! (Apart from any certificates that have to be sent back to the insurer when a policy is cancelled during the term of cover)

  2. darren

    I have been fully insured for the past 8 years and only made one claim in 2003.
    When changing cars mid policy i also changed insurers as i saved so much money.
    The trouble is i dont have proof of no cliams, even though i have only ever claimed once.
    I am looking to change my car again and my current insurer is more than £200 more expensive than others! Is there any way i can confirm my no claims without documentation??
    Seems very unfair to me!!
    Grateful for any help