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Recently eggs have increased in price in some supermarkets and I initially had some difficulty understanding why.

If all our eggs were imported I could understand because the cost of fuel involved in transporting them would surely have an effect but when the majority of eggs sold in supermarkets supposedly come from local farms to support local business and economy it didn’t really make sense.

But, unlike crops, chickens need to eat food in order to produce eggs and what kind of food do they eat? Wheat and corn based feed. Two of the main types of food that have been experiencing reduced levels of production due to climate change.

But climate change is not the key here. We can’t just go pointing a finger once more at the state of the environment when in fact the major culprit of the rising cost of food is global demand.

Much of our food is produced overseas and imported because it’s often cheaper to do so than produce or grow it ourselves.

As other countries economies improve and the people have more money available, they also begin to import food from overseas putting a strain on the supply. This drives up prices. has some really good articles and news clips that explain in simple terms why there is a global shortage and increased demand for certain types of foodstuff.

Why are Food Prices Rising

Having spent some time reading and listening it greatly concerns me that there is a major global increase in the consumption of dairy products (milk, cheese, butter).

We as a planet are already raping the rainforests and driving far too many species to extinction in order to graze cattle and produce the main causes of obesity. And now at great cost the rest of the world is also going to get fat.

I hate the term ‘consumer’ it conjours up images in my mind of greed, laziness and waste but it’s a sad and accurate label for the majority of the human race.


  1. Economics is fascinating sometimes isn’t it – such as here, where the knock-on effect of reduced wheat production makes our boiled eggs for breakfast more expensive.