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Firstly, the real deal you get with Tesco Value Broccoli is a saving of between £0.10/Kg and £6.77/kg.

To break that down a bit, Tesco Value Broccoli is only £1.18/Kg (source, my local Tesco! 20/05/07) whereas, Tesco ‘Organic’ Broccoli is £2.99/Kg. (£1.81 more)

You buy 2Kg of the Organic variety (in store) and you’ve just paid £3.62 more than you would have if you buy the Tesco Value alternative.

Now just think for a minute what that £3.62 could buy you…?

If you go online to the Tesco online shopping service, the only difference between ‘Pre-Packed Tesco Broccoli’ and the ‘Tesco Value Broccoli’ is the price.

Seriously, the value stuff has EXACTLY the same nutritional value as the normal stuff but it’s £2.05/Kg MORE EXPENSIVE!! Just because it’s pre-packed!!

The ‘Loose’ non-value Broccoli is only £0.10/Kg more than the Value Broccoli but you’re really just paying 10p more so you don’t have ‘Tesco Value’ in your shopping trolley!

I registered with Tesco’s online shopping website to see if they had any facts and that’s what they revealed!

It makes no sense whatsoever to buy the non-Value Broccoli!! Unless you like throwing money away?

And get this, the prepacked ‘normal’ stuff is actually less nutritious than the loose stuff and is £1.95 more expensive!!

You pay £1.95 just to be saved the effort of putting a bit in a bag! (Oh and some of that £1.95 pays for the plastic – good eh?)

Now the ‘Finest Tenderstem Broccoli’ is a staggering £7.95/Kg!! Did they just pull a number out of a hat? £1.18/Kg sounds like a number with some profit shaved off, £7.95/Kg sounds like a number somebody made up!

On the plus side, the Tenderstem has a bit less salt and a bit less fat. But when did you ever hear of someone getting fat from too much veg?



  1. Ed Walls

    Organice produce is more expensive then conventional and more and more studies are showing organic produce has higher nutrition levels then conventional – organic produce take up more land and takes longer to grown then conventional hence the higher price charges