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Every now and again I receive news and articles about new products and offers people would like me to mention in my blog.

This one’s actually a pretty good idea and will do it’s bit towards keeping the economy going and saving people money at the same time, bonus!

An app that sends you vouchers to your phone that you can redeem in stores just by showing your phone.

Vouchercloud is a new iPhone app available for free from the iPhone app store.

Sadly however, I can’t rate it because I went for a windows phone instead of an iPhone and it has not yet been developed for the windows mobile marketplace.

The Vouchercloud website suggests the app will soon be available for a wide range of other devices and mobile brands.

I browsed the site to look at the printable vouchers available and one thing I would say is they are not necessarily valid for a store in your area. Certain deals are only available from one or two branches. I imagine this will improve in time but for now, if you’re an iPhone owner give it a whirl and come back to let us know what you think.

You might need to go direct to the Vouchercloud website though because I searched the app store, clicked the Vouchercloud link and was directed to the iTunes app!?

Here’s an extract from their press release:

Launched on iPhone, the app allows consumers to browse the offers by category, location or by map. Select the category of interest like restaurants, casual dining, shopping, entertainment or days out and vouchercloud finds the best deals nearest to the user and delivers them straight to their screen, listing them by distance to a setting of their choice.  To redeem, users simply show the voucher on the phone screen to a member of staff who will make the necessary discount.  The app also enables users to request a voucher code to use when shopping online, which is delivered via their email.

vouchercloud can already be used in over 5000 leading outlets across the country including fast food and dining establishments, retail chains and leisure destinations.  Favourite High St brands are all there alongside a huge number of local offers from popular regional independent retailers.  Exclusive new offers will be added on a weekly basis and automatically updated ensuring users always have the very latest offers to hand

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind mention of vouchercloud on your blog. The application will indeed be launching on other ‘smartphones’ soon.

    Regarding your comments about the printable vouchers on our website, users are welcome to go to our website and put their postcode in to see all offers near them. At the moment, we have lots of vouchers available from the big national brands and we are working hard to secure local content. Cities such as London, Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Nottingham, Derby, Cardiff and Birmingham should have a large selection with the other major cities growing by the day.

    If anyone has any venues they would like us to contact or any feedback on the application or website, it will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you again

    Greg Le Tocq

  2. I suspect mobile services like this will become far more valuable as time moves on. As more people download the app and as they create the app for other smartphones more and more retailers will come on board making this truly useful wherever you live!