Date:16 February 2007 I Comments: 3 I Views:5,481

About 2 years ago, my main website (yes, all mine, just me…) was ranking really well on Google and it did consistently for quite a while beforehand too.

Then Google made some changes and my site got booted out of the listing for no apparent reason. I had done nothing different to my competition.

But that’s actually another story. Speaking of competition however, when I was ranking on Google, I was consistently battling for spaces in the top 5 results with the site

Now when my site got unfairly dismissed from the results, remained.

Just today I stumbled across this….

This little press release reveals that the people/person behind the, sold the concern for £1.57m. Yes, that’s right. £1,570,000.

OK so there was a business attatched to this that may have other interests I’m not aware of but still, I’m annoyed… Wouldn’t you be?

Google has potentially diddled me out of a very nice lifestyle for the last two years and I’m still waiting for my site to even rank for it’s own name!!

So I implore you, if you have a website, please place a link to somewhere on it and help me purge the Google demons!!

I thank you..!

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  1. Incredible price for an affiliate site with a PR (pagerank) of 4 and a copyright 2005 on the front page! “an initial payment of £1.57 million and earn outs of 25% of adjusted pre-tax profits to end September 2009 based on the business achieving pre-tax profit targets, capped at £1.5 million.” – so could be up to £3 million – surely it would cost a tiny fraction of that to build a similar site from scratch, although granted it will take time to ‘age’ the site and get decent search engine listings…. although I think they get a fair amount of traffic from ppc (they are listed in the espotting listings on your site). Nice blog by the way (found via