Date:21 June 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:8,906

In the last week two things have happened in the last week that suggest to me my neighbourhood is in decline.

Earlier this week I walked out of my front door only to notice across the road in the childrens park/play area were a small number of caravans, a few dogs and some makeshift washing lines. Lovely!

Luckily, within a few days they had been moved on.

This afternoon on returning home I noticed a friends car parked near my place which may not seem unusual but I wasn’t expecting them and I hadn’t seen them for some time.

Turns out they were actually visiting a house near mine because it belonged to their mother and within 1 week of her renting it out, it had been turned into a cannabis factory!

It’s now going to cost her £1000 to put the electrical wiring back as it should be because the would-be botanists had spliced into the mains.


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